An Update from Two Mikes!

After yesterday’s single transmission We have arrived in Koblenz (in Morse code), the LASR was delighted to receive a lengthy message from the Two Mikes that confirmed their journey was indeed GX to Harwich Ferry to Rotterdam to Venlo to Koblenz.  Those rumours of a detour to John O’Groats were simply untrue.  The stalwart pair described teeth rattling roads and swarms of fleas along the Nieuwe Maas river,  and claimed to have ignored the siren call of country pubs en route.

Mick C said the Day 3 ride from Venlo to Koblenz was the BEST ride he’d ever done in his life, cycling along the Rhine on the longest bike path on the planet. The Editor is looking this one up – another holiday planned!)another strava  With a strong tailwind the duo made very good time, and filmed the scenery (briefly) while riding at 25+ mph.  (Warning:  Readers should not try this at home.)  Over the three days they have ridden 341 miles and climbed over 7000 feet  – equivalent to climbing Snowdonia twice!

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