Catching up with the Mikes

After their rest in Venice, the Mikes went silent and the Editor feared the worst. After all, they were riding in a country with the only active volcanoes in Europe, whose national animal was the wolf, and where there were half a million visits to exorcists each year. Mick still had Grims on his tail, Fr Michael might have been gang-pressed into active duty, and there was that matter of the free 24-hour red wine fountain in Caldari di Ortona. The potential for disaster was high.

Readers will be relieved that none of these dangers arose and the team arrived on schedule in Ferrara on Monday (47 miles) and went to Tole on Tuesday (54 miles). They visited the Ferrari circuit and the classic car museum, and had another rainy ride. But no lava, ravenous beasts or ghostly figures in black were encountered.

On to Florence today; the LASR hopes for further pictures soon. The Tour is raising money for the London & Slough Run; you can make a donation at: