Don't Fear The Reaper

Readers may recall from an earlier post that Mick Claridge reported seeing an unearthly figure on one of his training rides. It seems that individual – we’ll call him Grims – has taken a shine to our Mick, or to Mick’s cycle. (It is hard to tell which.) During a recent rain-filled climb on the mountain, Mick once again spotted his new friend. This time Grims was close behind him – evidently even a Reaper needs to conserve energy by drafting once in a while. Mick told the LASR:

I knew he was behind me, I was too scared to look around so I pretended it was Fr Mike! But it was him – it was the Reaper! I could hear his bony feet hitting the pedals. Doesn’t that guy wear shoes I thought?”

Once they crested the hill, Mick lost his companion on the descent. It appears that Reapers, like most sensible cyclists, are not that keen on speeds greater than 40mph. Good to know.

Mick & Grims enjoying the climb

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