The Animals Come in Two by Two

The LASR asks readers to cast their minds back two days to Saturday (we realise this is difficult on a bank holiday weekend, but please do try). The Four Mikes are riding to Padua and the storm clouds are gathered low. Then the deluge hits, with thunder and lightning and buckets of rain. The Mikes decide to shelter under the safest place in a storm – a big tree. (At this point in the story, the Editor is having strong reservations about their collective judgement, but we digress). Whilst huddling together for warmth, they notice an ostrich walk by. This was followed by an other ostrich, two tortoises, a giraffe, and a couple of wildebeest. Clearly the local zoo had flooded, and soon enough, a harassed-looking hipster guy with an illegible name tag (“N—“) came running out of the woods yelling “You haven’t seen two camels have you?”

Being the Good Samaritans they are, the Mikes helped the Zookeeper round up his animals and herd them back in the zoo enclosure, which oddly enough, seemed to be floating. Mick claims Fr Michael was a natural at all this – particularly with the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) The Zookeeper offered them a lift (“There is room for two more”) but they politely declined and carried on their ride.

(As related by Mick Claridge, all rights reserved.)

Four Mikes After the Deluge

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