The Hills are Alive....

Wednesday brought an end to the perpetual rain of the past few days, and not a minute too soon, as the Four Mikes on Bikes Tour left Germany today for a 51-mile ride to Steinach-am-Brenner in Austria.  Mike Burton gave the LASR an update on the day:

Today we saw something that had been severely lacking so far – SUNSHINE !!! 
After a slightly cold drizzly start from Garmisch Partenkirken we were soon climbing the 1300 metres up the mountain towards Seefeld. The drizzle was a blessing as the climb was hot work, and it was nice to put away the heavy “waterproof” coats from the last few days. 
The suffering of the last few days, out in the cold with no respite and no alternative, made me think about the homeless people we are helping, who have to deal with that sort of thing every day. 
As we headed down towards Innsbruck we were now on the South facing side of the mountains, in sunlight rather than shade, hence a luxurious 19C temperature. 
The sun meant nice dry roads, so no more tip-toe-ing around slippery corners, we could finally let the bikes loose and make up for the slow 2-3 hour grind up the hill by travelling down at 8-10 times that speed.  Top prize goes to Mick at over 52 mph –  I could only manage 48.6!  Of course we keep brakes and tyres in good order so that such treats are quite safe.

Normally, the Editor rejects all photos that don’t include a member of the Tour, but she is bending this rule for today’s post.

weds start jpeg
Ready set go!
Tag, you’re it!
Emergency Haribo rations


mikes diner
Dinner time

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