Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

A naive reader might suppose that a successful tour requires only that each rider sustains his inner Mike through good food, the right clothing and not getting [too] lost going from A to B each day. But spare a thought for the bike – two thin wheels, a light frame and a chain – that has to carry a substantial load up and down hills every day. Although usually stalwart and uncomplaining, the Bikes of the Mikes occasionally have a wobble and need to lay down. Literally. Bike punctures, chain problems, broken wheels and worn-out brakes have been some of the Tour events to date, which is why having Lydia, Malcolm & Denese on hand is so helpful to provide cycle triage. Bike maintenance is an ongoing requirement for such a long ride, and the Mikes are now adept at adjusting chainsets, cranks and derailleurs.

Mick making sure his bike gets a good night’s rest.

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